Biography of YPG

The fast rising artiste “GODSENT” known as YPG from Edo state was born in Lagos state & grew up in the same state. He was born on November 23, 2001 & he is 19 years old.

He started singing at the age of 15 years old and now he had 6 tracks. He wrote his first track titled “SHE SAY” which he dropped on the 6th of may, 2020. His second debut track titled “WHAT IS IT YOU WANT” and he dropped it the same year. He drop a comment concerning his second track ‘I actually sang the song base on my experience what I have experienced actually’.

He also drop a comments on how he got his inspiration on his first track ‘To me, my experience, my feelings and my role model is KIZZ-DANIEL. I love the way he sing his songs, I love the man. He’s the one that gave me hope in doing music.

He drop his latest song titled “STRONG LOVE“. He commented “Well that song is trending, thanks to God. I sing the song the song to show how much I love a girl. Let me just say I sang the song through my feelings.


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