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Dont compare me with the ones around – Hypeman OiS disclose to Sharpgist in an Exclusive interview

by Shizzyofsharpgist

An Interview between Sharpgist and Hypeman Ois

Interviewer: Welcome to Sharpgist Nigeria Interview Section.
Can we meet you ?

Hypeman OiS: I’m Oginni Daniel
Popularly known as OIS

Interviewer: What do you do ?

Hypeman OiS: I’m an hypeman

Interviewer: How do you discover yourself as an Hypeman and what inspired you into the profession ?

Hypeman OiS: Firstly I’m a type of person that’s playful, love music, jovial and all

Interviewer: So Since have you been doing this ?

Hypeman OiS: Since 2017

Interviewer: What other things do you do aside hyping ?

Hypeman OiS: That’s the only thing i do for now

Interviewer: But if not for hyping what do you think you will be doing by now ?

Hypeman OiS: Tho i was planing to set a livestock farm according to my discipline

Interviewer: But now that you an Hypeman living a celebrity lifestyle do you think you still eventually go Into that ?

Hypeman OiS: Yeah i can still do it, but it will definitely be a side hustle

Interviewer: Your upcoming hypemix which will be your first titled “Machine Groove” what’s the idea behind this. Why Machine Groove

Hypeman OiS: Actually according to the popular demand, that’s what make me come up with the the idea of dropping an hypemix at first. Just trying to come up with something different (The title)

Interviewer: And you must have consider Dj Sycho as the best around by enlisting him

Hypeman OiS: Hmmm nor really but dj sycho is the first dj in this environ that added to my success story

Interviewer: With the likes of Hypeman Tisco, Eddie, MARCEL, Cherubim among others who do you consider his flows to be more energetic ?

Hypeman OiS: Energetic with nice flow and lovely vibes??? Then marcel

Interviewer: Among the mentioned earlier or outside the box who would you prefer to be compared to ?

Hypeman OiS: I’ll love to choose outside the box and that will be ben4ster or hypeman shoddy

Interviewer: Do you write down your lambas and master it or just pick up ur microphone and go with the flows

Hypeman OiS: Hm
It’s come in different ways. I got more lamba when im alone through music inspirations Thats how i got more lambas
Tho i got lambas too when im on mic, But it depends on how good the dj is How skillful the dj is

Interviewer: And how do you come about ur name OiS ?

Hypeman OiS: Its an acronym from ‘Omo Iya Segun’ (OIS)

Interviewer: Recent happenings shows there is a misunderstanding btw you and Hypeman Tisco what do you have to say bout this ?

Hypeman OiS: Actually we don’t have misunderstanding
It’s just people bringing up different rumors due to what happened at ultimate club on para birthday
We’re super cool and i gv him his regard cos I met him here
I still categorized him as boss

Interviewer: What happened

Hypeman OiS: Smile what really happened is that every entertainer will definitely has his/her own fans

Interviewer: Make me understand

Hypeman OiS: He was hyping at ultimate club and he has been on the mic for almost 30min or 40

Interviewer: Okay. So,

Hypeman Ois: I haven’t hype tho and it was the club ceo that invited me officially
It’s even getting to end of the party and I haven’t hype most people has gone so I’m even about to leave
The ceo was like he invited me and I didn’t work for him
I was like I wasn’t call on when party still pullin
I’m on that discussion with the ceo when two of my great fans came from akure
They officially invited too and they spend money on more expensive bottles too

Interviewer: Okay. Is that all ?

Hypeman Ois: They sat down in the club and they took me inside as their brother, i sat with them and they order for champagne worth of 150k at times
But tisco was still hyping then
But the people said if the management want them to buy the champagne they want ois to hype them
So honorably the club ceo walked up to tisco and explain to him that these set of people wanted to spend money but they want ois

Interviewer: Wow

Hypeman OiS: Tisco released the mic for me and I started hyping
The second day i got a call from someone that me and tisco were fighting that para embarrassed him by collecting mic from him for me
Tho that same night after the club me and him still played share jokes together
So immediately i heard this
I acted matured cos I don’t know his mind tho
I picked up my phone and called him
That this what I heard
Then he told me on phone that more 8 people has come to him as well
Then we settle it and he said we ain’t fighting
Then we have to share our pictures on social media that night so people will know we’re cool
Ok good

Interviewer: What’s your most embarrassing moment ?

Hypeman OiS: The day marcel say loud it on mic inside club
That ois “you’re crazy

Interviewer: Are you in any relationship right now ?

Hypeman OiS: Oh yes. A very serious one

Interviewer: So how do you cope with your female fans ?

Hypeman OiS: I tried not to have any privacy with them
Cos man can’t overcome temptation

Interviewer: Which club are you attached to Right now

Hypeman OiS: Deplanet club in owo

Interviewer: Is there any thing you would like to say to your fans out there ?

Hypeman OiS: Fans make me up all time like there’s something special in my hype than others even when when I dropping rubbish. My quest is what that thing they see in me Or what make pple love my hype so much than i do

Interviewer: Thank you for your time Hope to see you again

Hypeman OiS: You’re welcome. I’m always for u.

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Olowhite November 5, 2020 - 9:18 AM

Bigger you OIS. Go make the world go on a lamba level

Hypeking Pizzyking November 5, 2020 - 11:37 AM

Ooh ois good of you , I’m also proud to have you as my hypemate , God bless you more , keep going into sauces,
You always make me happy when I go on video call with you also with hypeman ukwu God bless you my blood hypeking , lamber? Legend ois wey no dey proud hahahahaha?


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