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Femi Fani Kayode Delivers Moving Speech At The Symposium On Security In Kogi State

by Hitmanuzy Hitmanuzy

Astounding speech by Chief FFK to GYB on his 46th birthday Commemorate his leadership and addressing Insecurity in Nigeria and the role of the youth, well it is appropriate that this discussion is taking place in this place, in this forum, in this state along with the offices of this great man. I really didn’t know him very well until recently and having known him he doesn’t surprise me at all that despite all the fire burning in various parts of our country the north/east, the north/west, the South/west the south/east and the middle belt Kogi state has managed to do so well under him he and he has excelled he has fought insecurity, criminality, terrorism, bandtry and other evils that has plagued our nation head on and head first and it takes a real man to do that a man of courage, a man of strength and a man that stands by his words sadly what most politicians do not. His bace and his strength and the reason why he’s so successful is because he as admired a cross regional, ethic and religious and party lines by people all over the country they love him they talk about him and he’s courageous and loyal to his own some say to a fault but I say that is the virtue or the blessing which in many respects I share. Let me just talk on two very brief things before we continue this discussion very brief. How do I know much about this man, well recently the country almost caught on fire now a lot of people don’t like talking about this because they want to play down his achievements – FFK Femi Fani Kayode

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