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The Come Up vs The Blow Up And Maintaining Stardom

by Shizzyofsharpgist

The Come Up vs The Blow Up And Maintaining Stardom

For celebrities, popular personalities we see today, they were once aspiring to get the fame they are known for today.

It is certain that to get the best, the very best of efforts need to be invested; alongside time and other necessary requirements.

The famous artists, movie directors, script writers, and every other you can mention in line with entertainment were all once “unknown.”

Just like the popular quote, “Attaining the top of a ladder is more difficult than getting to the top.” The word simply implies there is a need to retain and improve better on what led to getting to the top so as to maintain the top of the charts.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen and know those who fall into that category of being known to be “big” but presently, it has reduced to what it used to be known for. That is why, the prayer of every one topping remains “May celebrity not turn upcoming”

Meanwhile, the upcoming ones too have their own wish and believe they invest in which goes thus: “The struggle continues”, just like protesting students yarn while clamouring for what is theirs.

Personalities we see or know today have their own untold story while the upcoming ones too are not left out. The only difference applicable is that, it varies how these stories came about and affect them, Individually.

It is the prayer of every aspiring celebrity to get the needed connection at the right time. But how many of us care about this or how many of them take the step.

Media presence these days cannot be underrated either on-air or not. But how many are really ready to push for it?

In a situation an upcoming act takes social media presence (WhatsApp excluded – only limited to your contacts) with levity, you already know what it will lead to. Fine, it is expected not to be active or gain recognition on all social media platforms but another thing is, those who gained the recognition on one social media platform or the other, how have they been able to manage it? What is the level of interaction between them and their audience (fans)? I ask for example, if an upcoming artist cannot handle, manage, interact or attend to 20 notifications on Twitter, how much more will that celebrity be able to control numbers in the thousands when the boom shows. Oh! Social media managers will be employed? Fine, but remember that is not applicable; especially when a serious matter that affects the concerned personality.

How many of these upcoming artists really know that is their path? Out of 5, 3 don’t know what is good for them. Many are just eager to join the industry trend without having what it takes for such. If by mistake or luck or opportunity getting into the desired place, how to run and maintain the relevance becomes a problem for many. And in no time, the story becomes that of old.

The needed step to be taken by many has been neglected and rejected in pursuit of the desired goal. How impossible is it to attain a Ph.D without Masters? When will the ignored step be finally taken? and who knows, maybe it would have become more worrisome than before?

While growing up and targeting stardom, what do we regard to those who neglected advice, opinions and suggestions? It is very important to note that not all opinions nor suggestions can be considered to be valid. But not giving room for suggestions or criticisms can no doubt hinder sustainable growth. When all someone wants is just praise, kudos and thumbs up for something but does not appreciate correction nor critique, then that soils it.

The audience knows more than a celebrity or upcoming artist. As a musician, the same way you alone can’t listen to your songs and make it go far; respect for listeners and others is paramount. No movie cast watches movies they act alone.

It is therefore important to say that, the story affecting each might be different but all still points to the same direction.

I know some of the future celebrities who are upcoming today wouldn’t take to this critique and I wonder how they will be able to balance the fame and criticism together when the fame comes.


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